Our Approach

Our objective is to bring together, during a week, researchers in an idyllic setting where they will share ideas, in a positive atmosphere, surrounded by people with whom they might (deeply) disagree.

Different frameworks of consciousness, although having similar objects of study, barely ever talk, when don’t purely denying each other relevance. Keeping in mind that - espistemologically speaking - all models are false, we believe that a fruitful conversation between current approaches could bring significant advancements in our understanding of consciousness. A good start would consist in stating precisely their locus of convergence and divergence.

Therefore, if you are so deeply passionate for the neuroscience of consciousness that you made it one of the central question of your studies - while being more interested in explaining consciousness than to stick to a theory - and that you would like to share ideas with researchers holding different views than yours, we would be glad to see you on the French « Ile de Beauté » .


“The proliferation of competing articulations, the willingness to try anything, the expression of explicit discontent, the recourse to philosophy and to debate over fundamentals, all these are symptoms of a transition from normal to extraordinary research. It is upon their existence more than upon that of revolutions that the notion of normal science depends.”
Thomas Kuhn in The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

About the Workshop

“We have the power to analyse and explore the world. Yet, we panic when data threaten to contradict our expectations.”
Frans de Waal


The workshop will not be an endless bunch of talks about people’s current or past works. The objective is once again not to fall into a talk at cross purpose that would come naturally by bringing together scientists with very divergent views.

Thus, two formats will be proposed. The first will be a series of introductions on the participants' research topic (about 5 minutes) followed by 10 minutes of discussion. This interactive format, which will take place at the beginning of the seminar, is intended to initiate discussions that will continue informally throughout the week.

The second format will consist of two parts, the first of which will be an informal group exchange of 5 advocates of different paradigms on the resolution of several issues. In particular, how each paradigm can explain:

  • Different phenomena linked to consciousness : lucid dreaming, splitbrain, minimally conscious states, hypnotic states,
  • The integration of other cognitive functions,
  • Subjective disorders found in various psychiatric disorders,
  • The emergence of consciousness during Darwinian evolution,
  • How these models can be used in an eudaimonic framework. These discussions will then be presented to all the participants in fifteen minutes talks.

As Erwin Schordinger once said : « If you can’t explain what you did to anybody, it was useless », the purpose of this workshop is also to create contents of science popularization about consciousness topics. To this end, some youtubers will be present during the week to produce video content aimed at a broader audience.

Practical Information

The seminar will take place in the small village of Campomoro, on the French Island of Corsica, from Saturday 4th of September 2021 to Sunday 12th of September 2021.

Attendees will be hosted in small houses, scattered atop the village hill. Work sessions will be held on a few terraces with views of the sea. It is important to note that it is not a vanilla conference center, but a family property, with a pool, located near 10km of natural park along the coast and a 10 minutes walk away from the sea.

Participation fees will be 300€, including food, housing and transportation from the city of Ajaccio, which attendees will have to reach on their own. Sponsorship is possible, on demand during the application submission.

Applications are open until July 11th 2021 (See details in corresponding section). Answers will be given after a delay of two weeks.


To apply, fill in the following form, and we’ll send you a couple of questions as to know more about you.